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Ricardo van der Graaf

Ricardo van der Graaf is a brand strategist and content creator.

Currently, major shifts reverberate throughout all industries. It is exciting to see hybrid realities emerge, fuelling expectations towards transparency, social relevance and craftmanship.

Consumers take control of their future, choosing brands sensitive enough to reach out in full recognition of their client’s needs and desires. All these changes offer brands the opportunity to reinvent themselves and create an unprecedented new momentum.

When it comes to defining to what your brand is really about, there are no shortcuts, quick fixes or copy paste scenarios. In order to get to grips with what really distinguishes your brand, you need to unravel your brand’s true definition and purpose. It will enable you to become more relevant than ever.

I’m really excited to discuss if this is a solution to recharge the stagnant fashion system. And above all, how this will enable us to create ownable storylines and new significance!

Giancarlo Pazzanese

aka @GianPazza, is a visual artist, lecturer, and digital fashion designer. With a passion for exploring the intersection of art, fashion, technology, history, and cultural analysis, he founded the design studio dis_placed. Giancarlo’s unique approach involves time travel through fashion and art history to understand their influence on contemporary trends.

Born in Chile, graduated from The Art School and moved to the Netherlands in 2003. Started a visual design studio in 2008. Between 2012 and 2017, worked in marketing and communications roles for the NGO, cultural, and academic sectors.

In 2018 he started his teaching journey at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, sharing his expertise in cultural studies and digital skills. In 2022 he obtained his Master in Innovation and Education where he developed a 3D fashion design training program. Currently works as a lecturer of media culture, artificial intelligence and web3 at the Creative Business Program of the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. Recently, Giancarlo has focused on the potential and challenges of digital fashion, particularly on identity, gender, inclusion, accessibility, and representation issues. His perspectives on sustainability, inclusion, fashion tech and history, have been shared in publications, conferences, and fashion weeks.

LinkedIN: gpazzanese

Vivian Erdtsieck

am a textile developer with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion design and a master’s in material chemistry and physics. With a combined history in science and Design, I try to connect the two industries to work towards a more sustainable future. In my career, I focus on finding a way to function within the current economy without losing sight of what is truly important, creating partnerships to change the way we see Design.

Ivano Salonia

I’m an XR artist and Creative Director based in Amsterdam. I work at the intersection of artistic practice and design with new media. Since 2018 my work has been focused exclusively on experimenting alternative artistic production processes and visual languages involving VR, AR and new technologies. I also run workshops and guidance on how to design and make art in Virtual Reality.

My artistic work is multifaceted and in continuous evolution, I enjoy surrealistic approaches informed by intuitive choices. My art takes shape in the form of VR installations, ML generated collections NFT’s, photography, videos, avatars, virtual assets, digital environments and sounds.

I am active in the web3 space since spring 2021, I’m a cofounder of UFO Club, exploring on-chain media releases, web3 strategies and more revoultionary ideas.

I have +15 years experience in traditional advertising and branding.
My commissioned work entails concept and executions of experiences in extended realities, UX, Creative consultancy, XR Art Direction, image/video production, real-time assets creation and Concept art.

Maaike Stofferis

Meet Maaike Elise Stofferis head-designer and founder of Maison M’Elise, a visionary designer with over a decade of unwavering dedication to ethical fashion. For more than 10 years, she has delved deep into researching eco-conscious materials, seeking innovative ways to infuse transparency and responsible practices into her collections.
Her journey extends beyond ethical practices; it’s a passionate exploration of craftsmanship and the revival of long-lost arts. Maaike is on a mission to breathe new life into traditional embroidery techniques and transform them into timeless expressions of beauty.
In addition Maaike serves as a board member of the Textile Commission Netherlands, devoted to preserving museum textiles, conducting scientific research in textiles and textile conservation, and safeguarding textile heritage. Alongside a team of specialists, they organise symposia and publish “Studies in Textiles” to benefit donors and enthusiasts in the field. The mission of the Textile Commission is to share knowledge, foster connections, and promote textiles in all their facets.
Maaike’s multifaceted involvement in the world of textiles and fashion showcases her commitment to elevating the industry while staying true to her values of ethics, transparency, and the preservation of textile heritage.
... Fashion Revolution Belgium 2023 ...

| Fashion Revolution Belgium

Fashion Revolution Belgium is a non-profit organisation that calls for a global fashion industry which conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. It was founded after the Rana Plaza building collapse of 24 April 2013, which killed 1,134 people and injured more than 2,500 others.

Each year, during Fashion Revolution Week, Fashion Revolution remembers the lives lost and demand that no one should die for fashion. This Week and our social media campaign #WhoMadeMyClothes, bring together the world’s largest fashion activism movement and connects the sustainable fashion community.

As part of the Fashion Revolution CIC, the Belgium country office supports the global Fashion Revolution network to push for cultural, industry and policy change. One of the main themes of the organisation is transparency in the garment industry’s supply chain, which is mapped in the annual Fashion Transparency Index.

Fashion Revolution celebrates fashion as a positive influence while also scrutinising industry practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing problems. It aims to show that change is possible and encourages those who are on a journey to create a more ethical, sustainable and transparent future for fashion.

That’s why you’re welcome to visit Fashion Revolution Belgium’s information stand at Brussels Fashion Week. Come and say hi, meet the team and ask for advice on how you can become part of the Fashion Revolution!

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