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Maryse Pierrot 👟 Step into Style with Custom by PM! 🎨 Elevate your footwear game with Custom by PM, where every step is a statement. I specialize in crafting custom sneakers that go beyond ordinary – a fusion of creativity, quality, and personalized flair. But I don’t stop at sneakers; at Custom by PM, I transform your entire ensemble. From customized bags and belts to one-of-a-kind hats and more, each handmade accessory is a testament to my commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. Step into a world where your entire look tells your story. I pour passion into every stitch, ensuring that each piece, whether it’s a pair of custom sneakers or a personalized accessory, reflects your unique style. From bold colors to subtle elegance, and avant-garde designs, Custom by PM has the perfect pieces to complement your individuality. Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can step into a world of customized wonders? Embrace the extraordinary, and let every element of your style reflect your personality. Custom by PM – Where Every Step and Accessory is a Work of Art.


Viverdie industries

Studio VivÈrdie is searching for a new way of design
communication. The goal is to work sustainably towards a future
with a different mindset regarding design and consumption.
We strive to design with the earth and environment in mind and most
importantly with the materials that are already here.

“Our goal is to function in this economy while being
prepared for the next”

Recycling textiles in modern society is a challenging process. 90 % of
the textiles end up in a landfill. Vifour is a new material which gives
these unrecyclable fabric scraps a new purpose in a fully circular coat.
The new material can be recycled endlessly without losing quality.
Vifour has a leather-like feeling and can be made in different
thicknesses and structures. It is a combination of unrecyclable fabric
scraps (about 93 per cent) and a natural binding material.
The materials added are entirely natural, vegan and biodegradable.

Vifour is already in production and can be ordered in a flat or shaped
form in a variety of different colours. The current maximum size is
3 by 1 meter per piece.

Mariia Maletska

ZARINA Jewelry House gives you unforgettable emotions in the form of jewelry. For special holidays we have a wide selection of gold and silver products. 

Unique collections of diamond rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces are made in the style of fashionable classics. So that we can be closer to you at every moment and in every corner of the world, the Maison de Joaillerie invites you to visit the ZARINA online jewelry store. Since 1998, ZARINA Jewelry House has been protecting Ukrainian families and supporting them in the most exciting moments: birthdays, weddings, business meetings, graduation parties and other holidays. Now you can buy ZARINA jewelry in every city of Ukraine!

BOICAIL - Lionel Aubert

Lionel Aubert, the creative mind behind BOICAIL, weaves artistry and nature’s gifts into a mesmerizing dance. By skillfully intertwining the essence of wood and minerals, he unveils a world where simple elegance becomes an enchanting tale.

Embracing the philosophy that natural materials can elevate each other without constraint, he breathes life into his creations, crafting them as harmoniously wild reflections of his spirit and the earth’s.

COLLECTION TITLE / Whispers of Nature: The Enchanted Harmony Collection Collection Bio: Drawn from the heart of nature’s finest treasures, Lionel Aubert’s jewelry unveils an exquisite symphony woven from the elements that captivate his artistic soul. From the ancient embrace of weathered wood, the allure of precious gemstones, to the shimmering dance of minerals, gold, silver, and the iridescence of mother-of-pearl, each component holds its own story, its own voice.

Discover Lionel Aubert’s journey into the heart of raw elegance, where jewelry transcends mere ornamentation to become the embodiment of nature’s poetry, crafted for the explorers of the extraordinary.


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