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The NextGen competition, part of Brussels Fashion Week Creative Awards by FAB Style Collective, is a prestigious platform aimed at discovering and nurturing future talents in fashion.

Quick Overview:

1. *Submissions*: Designers submitted their ideas, mood boards, and sketches for initial evaluation.

2. *Jury Assessment*: An expert panel shortlisted the most promising designers based on creativity and originality.

3. *Final Show*: The five finalists will showcase five garments each on the catwalk during Brussels Fashion Week in October 2023.

4. *Winner*: One exceptional designer will be crowned "BFW NextGen Designer of the Year," gaining industry recognition and other valuable opportunities.

This competition is a golden opportunity for emerging designers to shine, bridging the gap between creativity and real-world fashion

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Anzhelika Symonenko

Olena Morozova

Gary Symor

Iryna Tatarenko

Melani Barnes-Jaftha


NEXTGEN Contestants SS24

Zineb Sadat

Meet Zineb Sadat, the visionary designer who’s seamlessly merging past and present, tradition and innovation. Born into a lineage of skilled craftswomen in Algeria, Zineb’s flair for fashion was nurtured from her early years. After a detour into technology, she moved to Paris to embrace her true calling: a mission to contemporize her rich Algerian heritage through fashion. Her debut collection reimagines the age-old Algiers’ Karako with contemporary panache, interweaving elements of Greek antiquity and Algerian poetry. Each piece is an ode to elegance, meticulously crafted in luxurious satin and adorned with calligraphy. With colors inspired by the joyful palette of artist Liubov Prokhorova, Zineb’s work is a true homage to joy, heritage, and the modern woman.

Ana Ciumac

Introducing Ana Ciumac—where high-tech meets high-fashion. Formerly an engineer with Google and Facebook, Ana is rewriting the code of fashion, quite literally. Her groundbreaking collections weave algorithmic precision with artistic intuition, offering empowering, versatile outfits for professional women. Influenced by timeless icons like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Zaha Hadid, Ana’s designs are meticulously crafted to exude both power and elegance. Whether you’re in a boardroom or a cocktail party, Ana’s fashion ensures you’re unstoppable.

Vanessa Rodrigues Fernandes

Vanessa Rodrigues Fernandes is the epitome of youthful exuberance and classic elegance. A French-born talent of Portuguese descent, Vanessa’s love for art and history have been her muses from a young age. Schooled in Paris but not confined by any city or style, she has cultivated her craft in both formal education and self-directed study. Her inaugural collection is a love letter to both the modern girl and the historic icon Marie Antoinette, capturing the essence of freedom, ambition, and grace.

Kateryna Zharikova

Biography: Kateryna Zharikova, the creative force behind Zharko, is redefining the narrative of fashion through eco-conscious avant-garde designs. Established in 2019, Zharko infuses the spirit of Ukrainian identity into contemporary style, all while championing sustainability. With a focus on hand-embroidered slogans and iconic Ukrainian symbols, Kateryna aims to give voice to social narratives and cultural stories through her limited-edition collections.

Yelizaveta Stepanenko

Introducing Yelizaveta Stepanenko, the Kazakhstan-based trailblazer behind SkyLi. From comfortable sportswear to functional outerwear, Yelizaveta’s diverse designs aim to empower the modern woman at every moment of her day. Her latest collection, SkyLiberty, serves as a tribute to modern femininity, capturing the essence of freedom and love with each design.


N1buro is a fashion agency that helps the development of talented Ukrainian designers and their brands. The bureau has been working in the field of PR for 5 years.

Has experience working with international and local magazines and press. Develops plans and concepts of media development for designers and Ukrainian projects. It focuses on innovation, creativity, a unique approach to the given task.

The N1Buro team consists of specialists who take responsibility for their work and provide services at the highest level.

And this year, N1buro will be a part and partner of Brussels Fashion Week.

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Although tree years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, there are still many uncertainties and difficulties, the fashion world is trying to restart and stay in constant motion.

For young fashion designers above all, now more than ever, it is important to take advantage of all the opportunities made available at an international level and this is where fashion contests come into play.

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to gather the most important international fashion competitions, creating a detailed calendar of the events, dates and the prestigious fashion prizes. For young fashion designers above all, now more than ever, it is important to take advantage of all the opportunities made available at an international level and this is where fashion contests come into play. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to create BRUSSELS FASHION WEEK NEW GENERATION competition.

| About participation

Everyone who has bright and well-thought-out ideas, along with a desire to grow and develop, can take part. The requirements for designers are as follows:

− Talented and young designers who are taking their first steps in the profession, who want to develop in this sphere and acquire professional skills in collection production.

− Creative designers and small novice brands, with or without collection production experience, who have different approaches and authentic ideas, and who want to receive feedback from market experts.

... NEXTGEN - SS24

| Stages of International Young Designers 
Contest NextGen Fashion Zone

The Contest is held once a year and consists of 3 steps:

STEP 1 - Submission of DESIGNS

The first step to participation will be to submit a moodboard with sketches showing original designs.
The participant must provide information to the e-mail about his brand and talk about the concept and views with which it develops, convey to the judges their purpose and features, as well as attach an Instagram link.

Please include 3-5 images for inspection purposes. Images should be high quality 300dpi JPG. Images should be under 1 MG in size. Please title images with; Number, Name and Promo Image. (e.g. 01-FullName-MoodImage.jpg)
We hope you enjoy this creative challenge and look forward to seeing your Design

FAB Style collective
... NEXTGEN - SS24

STEP 2 - Semifinal

Shortlisted participants send a video presentation of the collection to jurors on our e-mail In the video, contestants need to present 4 sketches from the trial collection.
The Jury members will evaluate the videos, and determine the finalists.

Step 3 - Final stage

Participants need to present 2 ready-made looks from the trial collection live in a Zoom conference. Jury members will then decide and choose one winner who will have the opportunity to participate in BRUSSELS FASHION WEEK for free and present their collection.

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