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05.10 > 09.10 2022



FASHION DESIGNER / Fashion My Metaverse


Never Fade Factory

United Kingdom

Never Fade Factory presents a collection of sustainble fashion pieces produced through a conscious process of collaborating with emerging creatives seeking to express social views through garments.

Never Fade Factory along with its Digital DAO partners ArtSect Gallery and NFT.Soho will present “Fashion My Metaverse” Web3 panel during Brussels fashion week.


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-Fashion My Metaverse-



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Fashion My Metaverse

The theme of the collection “No One is Illegal II” pays homage to displacement of people due to conflict from around the world. The digital twinning and augmented reality of some pieces makes reference through satire of “Metaverse Refugees”

Our catwalk presentation will embody inspiration across a melting pot of cultures which influence fashion today. References such at cyber fits, fashion kink, afro ethnic, Bohemian are all embezzled in this collection of upcyled and repurposed fashion.

A collection of 24 looks shows just how we can reduce fashion overconsumption by repurposing garments into one of one unique sentimental pieces.

But the most important is that we use digitalisation for more than 4 years to make fashion more sustainable and affordable not only in Ukraine but worldwide, to vanish borders and help people try on couture items digitally from any spot of the world anytime. We use Instagram AR filters for that and make semi-digital clothing, real garments that have additional animated look powered by Instagram AR on any mobile phone.

As we observe the metamorphosis from IRL to digital fashion in the Metaverse it’s important to provide better tech access and critical thinking around this new growing sector.


The dissemination of vocabulary and the technical process around Web3 must be made more accessible for underrepresented creatives. As we aim to promote some of the benefits of Web3 for creatives we also hope to demystify the process accelerate creatives seeking to enter the space.

Panel  – One hour 30 mins panel

Terence Eben
(co-founder NFT.Soho & advisor ArtSect DAO)

Social impact entrepreneur Terence Eben is a pioneer of early 1990s hip hop fashion movement and a futurist inspired by his regular attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos. His vision focuses on marrying a social agenda and incubating emerging creatives into critical thinking the creative process vis-a-vis climate change.

Co-founding Never Fade Factory in 2017 he led conceptual retail implementation of sustainable fashion, up-cycling and customisation in Soho, central London. The brand emphasises collective creativity, DAO practice and the benefits of a social economy beyond unhealthy fast fashion.

Going against the grain in one of London’s most expensive and highly trafficked commercial spaces, Eben Incubates and accelerates emerging talent by providing them with mindfulness skills, human performance, free workspace, commercial opportunity, and offers education that unlocks potential to be an independent  creative entrepreneur.

Never Fade Factory is the birthplace of NFT.SOHO co-founded with Sandra Tusin & David Gearsh an early stage NFT incubator, Venture Capital and NFTs solutions agency. NFT.Soho has grown into a leading destination for NFT knowledge transfer and networking events in London.


As part of Terence’s mission to advocate DAO thinking he is on the board of ArtSect NFT Gallery in Clapton, Karl Jungbecker Foundation, ARCANO.ae, Billzhub, St Francis Polyclinic Kumba, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor foundation (SEA) and You Don’t Want This Life.

Terence is also a regular public speaker on Mental Wellbeing as an Acupuncturist and is seamlessly aligning sustainable Fashion and self development through Pop-Up events with Soho House and a number of global destinations particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

His most recent venture in conjunction with the SDG’s UNO is a poverty alleviation and skills transfer project in Sanjay Village, Cameroon growing pineapples to transform the subsidiary waste into PINTEX.

Past Media Roles
Creative – Black Entertainment Television (1997 – 2004)
Creative – “Slips” VIVA/MTV (2009 – 2010)
Creative – History Channel “London Motor Museum/TKO” (2014)
French Africa Outreach consultant – MTV Africa (2012 – 2015)
Creative Vox pops “Akon content” (2010)

Sandra Tusin
(co-founder NFT.Soho)

Co-Founder Mindstream-AI, Venture Capitalist at Outlier Ventures

Sandra is a serial entrepreneur and ex banker with years of experience in the venture capital, Web 3 and technology space, and as a technology and Web 3 thought leader, she has spoken at various international conferences including at The UN, NFT.NYC and The World Economic Forum.

Sandra Co-Founded Mindstream-AI, and through this partnered with large British institutions such as the The Wellcome Trust and the Crick Institute to develop venture capital accelerator programmes in the tech space. Her latest venture in partnership with the London Mayor is to coordinate a London wide tech hub to help underrepresented groups gain access to technology.

Sandra also Co-Founded NFT.SOHO bringing together the best and most prominent players in the NFT ecosystem from her wide contact list. Sandra also currently works for Outlier Ventures, investing in the best of Web 3 startups in the world.

Miki Elson
( founder ArtSect Gallery)

15 years entrepreneurial experience in start-ups and an expert on DAO business models incorporating blockchain, crypto and all things Web3


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