05.10 > 08.10 2023


05.10 > 08.10 2023


Maxine Ginsberg
and Wilko Risser




south africa
THE SPIRIT OF TIME Zeitgeist is a Cape Town based menswear brand founded by Maxine Ginsberg and Wilko Risser.
The brand aesthetic blends various global influences and has a strong gender neutral following of trend setters and influencers.


Date: 06.10


21h00 - 21h30

COLLECTION TITLE /Zeitgeist Afrika

Designs feature unique detailing and twists on classic silhouettes that sets Zeitgeist apart from other brands. Zeitgeist’s clothing can be seen on some of Hollywood’s hottest stars and musicians who resonate with South African design influences that fuse sophisticated street wear with the unique South African culture. It is of paramount importance to reduce throw away fashion and in order to extend their garment lifespan and therefore lessen environmental impact, the Zeitgeist colour palette is kept neutral and timeless.
This allows for easy integration of fashion pieces from one season to the next. Both Maxine and Wilko are passionate about everything South African, from designs to yarn. Their aim is to revive the local fashion industry through improvement of skills and to create jobs in South Africa by manufacturing locally. The flagship store is in the heart of the Cape Town Central Business District at 167 Long Street. The area is known for being Cape Town’s bohemian haunt and Long Street is one of the oldest streets in the country.
Zeitgeist has also expanded its footprint to Gauteng with several outlets. Expansion to Europe is also planned as well as a luxury accessory line. Zeitgeist (translates as Time Spirit/Spirit of Time) is the collective attitude or outlook of people and culture at a specific point in time. Zeitgeist aims to elicit a more emotional response from their customers, they produce lines that tap into the customer’s aspirations and sentiments and through that enhance the essence of the individual.
We created premium garments that combine quality fabrics with our unique detailing. Our monochromatic palate is always synonymous with the Zeitgeist ethos, when we designed this range we wanted to create a modern take on African Aesthetics, we were inspired by the beauty, strong culture and the lifestyle of the African people, placing special emphasis on Southern Africa. Our range is all about African futurism.

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