05.10 > 08.10 2023


05.10 > 08.10 2023


Valentyna Romanenko




Dear Esteemed Guests,
Allow me to introduce myself, Valentyna, the visionary behind Viamaro, a brand firmly rooted in Kyiv’s heart, driven by a pursuit of comfort, sustainability, and style. Eight years ago, my journey in the fashion industry immersed me among exceptionally talented minds. However, within the whirlwind of evolving designs and trends, a void was evident – a need for clothing that effortlessly marries classic elegance, timelessness, and perpetual allure.
My experience revealed a stark choice that women often faced – opting between comfort and style, embracing trends or sustainability. I pondered, why should we have to choose?


Date: 07.10


19h15 - 19h45

From this pondering emerged the concept of Viamaro – a brand meticulously tailored for today’s confident, empowered women. Women who gracefully embody refinement while remaining gentle, who yearn for comfort yet command attention, who carry an acute awareness of their environmental impact while aspiring to look their absolute best.
At Viamaro, we revere simplicity, understanding that it can be extraordinarily captivating. Our focus rests on crafting quintessential pieces that compose the foundation of every wardrobe. These creations aren’t mere garments; they’re a deliberate lifestyle choice, effortlessly adaptable for any occasion – be it a bustling workday or a leisurely evening.
Over these transformative eight years, we’ve relentlessly strived to offer women clothing that not only accentuates their appearance but uplifts their spirits. Our goal extends beyond fashion; it aspires to seed a movement rooted in comfortable, timeless style.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this journey. I’m thrilled to unveil our vision and the upcoming collection. Welcome to the world of Viamaro.

COLLECTION TITLE /Harmony of the Wild

“Drawing inspiration from my profound connection with the natural world, our mood board for the upcoming collection, titled ‘Harmony of the Wild,’ takes shape as a captivating visual narrative.

Why the affinity for nature and animals, you may wonder? Nature stands as a raw, authentic, and timeless masterpiece. It communicates silently, employing its colors, forms, and textures to engage us. Much like fashion, nature is in a constant state of evolution, perpetually presenting novel and invigorating elements.

Our designs, guided by the silhouettes, patterns, and textures of diverse animals, go beyond visual allure. They carry a distinct aesthetic charm while resonating with the primal spirit of the wild, an essence we believe resides within each of us.”

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