05.10 > 08.10 2023


05.10 > 08.10 2023


Rafael Dorian



Rafael Dorian

Introducing Rafael Dorian, a luminary born of Moroccan roots and Brussels’ vibrant tapestry. With a heart that echoes the traditions of the past and a mind that dances with innovation, Rafael embodies the spirit of the new-age Caftan.
His journey weaves threads of passion and creativity – sketching with pencils, molding silhouettes, orchestrating scissors and cuts – ultimately giving birth to his enchanting creations. From the onset, his hands breathed life into evening gowns and cocktail dresses, yet destiny’s embrace led him back to his origins, to the soul of the “Caftan.”


Date: 08.10


19h45 - 20h15

In the heart of Brussels, where Moroccan heritage meets Andalusian allure, Rafael’s affection for gold, the intricacies of lace, and the orchestration of colors ignited. He marries the sobriety and elegance of some with the vivacity of others, forming a mesmerizing fusion of Belgian grace and European flair.
“Time, epochs, they are my muses,” he whispers, summoning the essence of ages gone by to alchemize anew. With silken threads, lace’s delicate embrace, and the opulence of velvet, he composes symphonies of materials that intertwine and evolve in harmony with his inspirations.

The Caftan, a treasure trove of Moroccan embroidery artistry, has found its master in Rafael. As his hands work their magic, they write stories of heritage and modernity, tradition and innovation, a symphony that resonates in every exquisite stitch.

Rafael Dorian, a craftsman who breathes life into fabric, tells stories through stitches, and finds magic within the tapestry of cultures.

Are you ready to unveil Rafael Dorian’s captivating world? Join us as we journey through the delicate dance of tradition and modernity.

COLLECTION TITLE /Entre Deux Orients

This year, my collection is centered around the diverse cultures of the Orient. Spanning across various regions, it naturally includes Morocco, my father’s homeland, as well as the Middle East, Dubai, and extending all the way to Asia. The collection features a fusion of caftans and kimonos, creating a harmonious blend referred to as “Kimonos Caftans.” Expect intricate brocades, precisely structured cuts, and oversized designs. The color palette transitions from vivid and radiant hues to the deepest obsidian black. Red takes the spotlight as my primary color for this winter, intertwined with the delightful shimmer of sequins.

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