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05.10 > 09.10 2022


François GRIMOIN




Artist at the same time photographer, sculptor, filmmaker, after a master’s degree in “digital photography”

Passionate about photography, he decided to study digital photography recently, after a master’s degree in “Management and Control”, he worked for 10 years for different companies, he then took the risk of leaving everything to live from his passion.

« United Colors of »

“United Colors of” Here is the title of the exhibition which is reminiscent of the slogan of a famous clothing brand. The link with Brussel Fashion Week, which is inaugurating its fashion show week at 78 rue de la Loi, echoes the world of fashion. But what does “being fashionable” mean, of course it is an economic activity that produces objects but it is also an artistic activity because it produces symbols; she is therefore not content to transform fabrics into clothes, she creates objects that have meaning for those who wear them. From then on, this phenomenon, which makes it possible to signal one’s belonging to a social group, a group of thought, a form of aestheticism, or even to distinguish oneself from others is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us artists. Today, at 78 rue de la Loi, in a luxury and prestigious setting, we invite you to share beyond the fabric you wear, in order to undress your bearings and be surprised by the sensitivity of the works. presented to you.


05-09 Oct

Lifestyle Exhibition

13h00 > 20h15

Lifestyle Exhibition

Date: 04.10 / 18:30-23:00

Location: Club des V - 18:30

In 2020, he obtained with the mention “great distinction” the Master in Photography issued by the Cour des Métiers d’Art du Hainaut. Throughout his recent career, he has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, in Singapore, Monaco and even in Paris, Brussels and London.

After 2D photography, he prints so-called lenticular photos, which means that the photo “moves” according to the viewer’s gaze. With this experience which brings photos to life, he turns to short films, in particular with his film “Lucky Spray” made entirely from photos and dealing with the 7 deadly sins during a pandemic. This short film was exhibited / screened in Venice during the Biennale.

The step for 3d extended its arms to him, and the theme that is dear to him allowed him to exhibit his car sculptures, during his personal exhibition “Art Car”. In particular, he exhibited a real-size Mercedes 300sl benefiting from augmented reality, among other things, as well as his half-endurance, half-Formula 1 supercar prototype.

This series of 15 photos entitled “united colors of” was made from the photos of his friend David Dahen. The latter is a photographer who travels the world and photographs in particular the last tribes of our globe. Francois then imagined making this series by including a virtual reality helmet on their face in order to show the gap between the millennial traditions of these tribes and the technological and virtual aspect of recent years which is gradually taking over our societies. . A word emerges each time from the helmet, like their soul which is reflected and all these words put end to end form a sentence related to fashion, with the meaning of the world.

He is now Art Curator for Brussels Fashion Week, as well as “Art Director” of the 78 Art Galerie located rue de la loi in Brussels.


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