05.10 > 09.10 2022


05.10 > 09.10 2022


Kateryna Biakova and Maksym Holub





FINCH brand is founded in 2013 by a family couple of Kateryna Biakova and Maksym Holub. Since 2015 we showcase collections, and since 2018 FINCH is the resident of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Marked as best young brand in 2015 (VOGUE UA prize), Best fashion innovation in 2021 (Best Fashion Awards by UFW). Since 2019 FINCH digitizes collections and presentations.


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Apart from the live and semi-digital catwalk shows FINCH team makes designs for companies and produces branded merchandise for the Ukrainian fashion Week, Social Media Week, Pepsi, Depositphotos, Crello, Kyivstar, Softserve, Studio183 Berlin, Gazer etc.
Since 2020 FINCH releases semi-digita clothing lines with one of the most known AR-developer team in Europe – FFFACE.ME. These garments have dynamic 3D augmented reality animations activated from Instagram.

Social activity of the brand.

But the most important is that we use digitalisation for more than 4 years to make fashion more sustainable and affordable not only in Ukraine but worldwide, to vanish borders and help people try on couture items digitally from any spot of the world anytime. We use Instagram AR filters for that and make semi-digital clothing, real garments that have additional animated look powered by Instagram AR on any mobile phone.

Benefits of AR in clothing

Digital clothing was created as a response to the growing trend for digital fashion and the global transition to Fashion Tech.
The consumption for the sake of creating content is growing in the modern world, but instead of buying more different garments for the sake of creating several fashion photos and videos, the creators of the AR capsule suggest converting such consumption into digital, thereby freeing up space in the wardrobe and supporting the idea of sustainable consumption. One unit of clothing can have several AR effects.
The augmented reality elements in these innovative clothes are as real as garments for users who watch the story with them. And the reactions that we receive through social networks have the same weight as compliments at a meeting, while the uniqueness and unusualness of the content increases engagement and reach.

Unlike previous attempts to implement such a concept and, in particular, Vetements, AR feature does not require any additional applications, and the animation itself finally went beyond the plane and statics. Instead of static 2D, the user sees unusual 3D animations that go beyond the garment and move in real time.


*The participation of 11 designers from Ukraine is supported by the EBRD and funded by Switzerland through the EBRD’s Small Business Impact Fund (donors to the SBIF are Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Sweden, Switzerland, US, TaiwanBusiness – EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and Norway).


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