05.10 > 09.10 2022


05.10 > 09.10 2022

Artist - SS23

Celine Kegeleirs



Celine Kegeleirs is a Belgian photographer born in the late 70’s. Very young, eager for freedom, Celine travels around the world with her backpack, accumulating different experiences always accompanied by her film camera: Portugal, Cuba, Senegal, Burma, Thailand, Morocco, Tunisia, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Brazil ….

 The authentic image as a support to the memory, high in color or in black and white, it always immortalizes the moment.

«Active 4 Art»

The collective Active 4 Art formed by 4 photographers in 2020, Hanane Ahian, proposed in December 2021 with the support of the Höte Gallery Brussels, its first exhibition around the theme of the ” La Revanche de la Nature”.
Within the framework of this exhibition focused on a thematic approach and a look at Nature, Active 4
Art has gathered and invited several artists from different backgrounds to participate in the project:
Armyde Peignier, Carolina de Ibiza, Christophe Louergli, Eric Vans, Phlil Clint, Patrick Bya, Mike Gyver, Qartys,Udo Roosen.


05-09 Oct

Lifestyle Exhibition

13h00 > 20h15

Upon her return, she began studying Photography in the Brussels school of Agnes Varda and Business Science at Ichec at the same time. She experimented with different functions to finally return to the family transport company created by her great grandfather who was a pilot and co-founder of Sobelair with the Créteur brothers with the goal of taking over the company. Alongside this, she continues photography as a passion, events, exhibitions and competitions.

With several hats, company Director in logistics and international relations sector, she does not consider her career without her artistic side as a qualified photographer. “I think the two are inseparable, I can’t be a leader without being able to escape for the photo and vis- versa”.

She never stops, new challenges are her driving force, her lifeblood.

In 2020 during the pandemic, she decided to start photography again. She got chosen by Bathasar Sablon as a permanent artist, then the exhibitions will fallow one another throughout these last years with a participation of Arfabetic Dictionary, French Arts Foundation.

Balthasar Brussels, Sablon, Brussels, August 2020: “Her sense of detail is extraordinary. Celine is, like no other, able to capture emotions in photography. She distinguishes herself from other photographers by using a specific technique that brings colors to life. Proud owner of the young collective Active4Art, you better keep an eye on them… Because you haven’t seen anything yet.

” She also created her own collective, Active 4 ART, formed by 4 photographers with the same passion and the same desire to invest in a process of collective memory.

First “Active 4 Art” exhibition supported by Hôte Gallery Brussels – December 2021, “La revanche de la Nature”.

“”Active 4 ART, this young collective was born from the meeting of 4 photographers who have had the same passion for photography for several years and the desire to invest in a photographic approach of collective memory, relationship to reality and attachment to the world around them. Four artists; four directions and as many seasons that stands out and
shows a perfect agreement.

” Committed photographer and having gone through intrafamily violence, she uses photography as a means to denounce the condition of women and the violence inflicted on them through various projects, including a presentation at the Theater of Life during the Festival of Creation “Que du Bonheur” and a participation in the exhibition
“Regards de Femmes” in Schaerbeek.

Her guiding principle, photography seen as a device encouraging personal reflection and allowing to distance oneself from preconceived and predefined ideas that we like to see as indisputable.

“Engaged, I think it allows us to get closer to our emotions, to
rediscover the humanity inside us and who we really are.”

Exhibitions :
Active 4 ART – La revanche de la Nature – Hôte Gallery Brussels –
December 2021
Permanent Balthasar Sablon – Brussels 2020-2021
Les Nocturnes du Sablon – The Cube Brussels – 25/28 Nov 2021
Balthasar Brussels – Hungry Eye- Jun – Jul 2021
Hôte Gallery “Just We Art” – March 2021 – Hoogstraat – Brussels
Attitude Art – Brussels High Street – Brussels / Attitude Art Gallery 2020
Kylna Art Gallery – December 2020 – Sablon – Brussels
Qartys – Etterbeek 2020-2021
Parcours d’artistes “Regards de femmes” – Schaarbeek
Theâtre de la vie “Que du Bonheur”


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