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Bibian Blue



Bibian Blue

Belonging to an artistic lineage of Barcelona antique dealers and jewelers, this veteran of prestige alternative fashion, pioneer in the artisanal manufacture of prêt-a-couture corsetry, brings together in its signature Bibian Blue more than 2 decades of collections and awards distinctive to an unclassifiable fashion, which explores the limits between innovation and tradition.
Bibian Blue’s career as a designer began in 2000, establishing her reputation within the European underground scene by presenting her first fashion collection, to great acclaim at festivals and fashion events throughout Europe.


Date: 07.10


21h30 - 22h00

In 2001 she opens her retail showroom in the centre of Barcelona.

Her collections combine enormously imaginative garments with very elaborate and feminine patterns, appealing to a sophisticated clientele attracted to both current fashion and
ageless style.

Bibian Blue’s fashion collections are diverse, ranging from formal and elegant designs to much more radical and non-conformist creations, but her work always emphasises the feminine figure and incorporates sophisticated fabrics, and makes her own exclusive prints Her artistic transversality includes trends from diverse disciplines such as painting and sculpture, music and graphic design. Bibian Blue has designed for many international celebrities like Dolly Parton, Porl Thomson from the Cure, Kate Perry Violinits , and spanish like Rossy de Palma, Miranda Makaroff, mala Rodriguez or Elena Anaya,among many international models and infuencers


STRUCTURE: The Autumn/Winter 2023/24 collection “Arteggio” represents an exploration of fabrics and garment structure, with a focus on enhancing textures, shapes, and contrasts.

Worked prints evolve both in skirts and dresses, as well as corsets that are meticulously patterned and reinforced with cotton edgings and twills.
Dresses and corsetry adorned with 3D latex applications in antique gold, bronze, and metallic silver create a jewel-like aesthetic.
Clean and architectural lines for daytime wear, almost solemn in nature, while metallic feathers take center stage for the evening looks.

The evening theme follows the interplay of draped fabrics, each with distinct directions and cuts that carry on the symmetry of the collection.

Striking prints evoke neoclassical, modernist, Pre-Raphaelite, and pop surrealist painters for daytime ensembles. Transparencies in nearly unique pieces capture a modern and sensual nocturnal image.

Tulle skirts in pastel caramel shades, gradient effects, and voluminous structures are also featured.
A 1920s-inspired look is updated with headpieces that reinforce a blend of sensuality and ethereal beauty.

COLORS: Vison, caramel, and vintage beige serve as the collection’s common denominators.
These hues transition into violet tones, lead green, and peacock blue. Applications and trims, reminiscent of embroidery, are used alongside sequined fabrics for nighttime attire, presenting a modern flapper aesthetic that melds the antique with the classic.
Nude and dusty rose colors unveil characters of feminine elegance.

FABRICS: Gauze, tulle, and satin fabrics take center stage. Shantung and original prints on satin crepe and chiffon create unique patterns. Internal twills structure the corsets, which are embellished with metallic 3D latex applications. Unique embroideries and tinted rooster feathers complete the collection.


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