Brussels Fashion Week is a new platform presenting fashion designers, film makers, photographers and artists from around the world. Blending the best of classic and contemporary fashion design, film making, fashion photography and art, Brussels Fashion Week is proud to showcase an exclusive selection of award-winning fashion creatives representing a truly unique mix of cultures and genres.

We’re bringing you a fantastic event with an exciting number of international designers from 4-7 October 2020. Brussels Fashion Week is a city-wide celebration of activations and events, curated by the FAB Style Collective in partnership with key retailers, cultural institutions and brands, to engage communities throughout the capital to get involved and capitalise on the success of this global event to reach new audiences. The aim is to inspire shoppers and make #BXLFW a cultural celebration that will introduce fashion to a wider pool of people who may not have previously engaged with it, drive footfall into the capital and increase revenue opportunities for all businesses.


29.09 > 03.10.21
Different places in Brussels

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